In subtropical and tropical area's variation in soil type, pH and nutrient content is huge. Since a lot of Jatropha is not planted  on agriculture land, you may end up with unused or degraded land. Fertility and soil structure could become a concern. Read more

Planting systems

Plantations, farms or small plots planted with Jatropha, all have their specific requirements. Read more


The main reason to set up a Jatropha nursery is to propagate multiple plants for a plantation or for local farmers. Read more



In many countries, especially in Africa, growing Jatropha is being seen as a typical smallholders and outgrowers activity. Farmers are promoted to simply interplant their crops with Jatropha. This is not!! a good development!! Read more


Although it seems attractive for early yield (which means no pruning) it might be useful to prune Jatropha in order to get a good framework for future flowering branches. Read more


One of the first Jatropha projects with irrigation was started in Egypt, not far from Luxor. It is part of a very large forestation scheme. Read more


Reading all data one has to realise that there are differences between picking fruits and picking seeds. Hand picking means picking fruits, either fresh or dry. Read more