MFC has adopted a new name "MFC Nyetaa". Nyetaa is a local Bamanan word, meaning change or movement in a positive direction. This reflects MFC Nyetaa's commitment ot positive sustainable development in Mali. MaliFolkCenter


Apart from organizing the multi finctional platforms, the MFC Nyetaa is also responsible for the Garalo powerplant in Garalo.


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The Garalo powerplant in South Mali

The electricity plant has been financed with money from the Dutch Kees Daye Ouwens fund and is supposed to run on Jatropha oil.

The electricity goes into a local grid with actually 300 customers (Total nr. inhabitans 10.000)

The price per kw is 190 CFa, which is slightly more than the public network.

So far 320.000 plants of Jatropha have been distributed in 2007 and 2008. Total production of Jatropha plants was about 500.000. Plants are given for free. The expectation is that every plant produces 2.5-3 kg per year. With this yield, an area of 550 ha would be enough to guarantee ample supply of Jatropha oil for the electricity plant. However, it is already clear that this only happens with proper planting, fertilizer, good planting distances etc. Therefore  field experiments are being set with different planting distances (3x3, 5x5)

Also different accessions are in trial from Guatamala (provided by Fact) and 4 local accessions (Kita, Diegeni, Bougoula and Garalo)