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The Max Havelaar fair trade Jatropha feasibility study . Read more
BERL is promoting the planting of Jatropha curcas as a feedstock for the production of bio fuel. Go to site
MBSA is a private company with smallholders as shareholders that produce biofuel in a way that supplements farmers' incomes, contributes to poverty alleviation and respects the environment. Go to site
Diligent Tanzania Ltd ceased to exist, and  new partner Eco Carbone Tanzania   pulled the plug as well
MFC  Nyetaa

MaliFolkCenter. Read more



By the end of 2011 both parts of Sun Biofuels (Mozambique and Tanzania) have been sold . Mozambique is still growing Jatropha. The Tanzanian plantation was bought by Mtanga Foods Ltd  for the production of agricultural crops and cattle.