January 30/2017

At least one company in the world is proud enough to announce that their Jatropha production is successful.


Niqel (Jatropha production and oil manufacturing) in Mozambique operates the first industrial, fully mechanised, Jatropha oil mill in the world. The brand new factory is located on a 3 hectare plot in the center of the Niqel Jatropha estate. The incoming Jatropha fruits are turned into Jatropha bio-oil, green energy, Jatropha protein meal, organic pellets and organic fertilizer. The technology for the oil winning process was developed in the Netherlands. (Biodiesel Amsterdam) The Jatropha bio-oil presents a very promising alternative to diesel oil since it is renewable and has similar properties to the diesel. It can be used in conventional diesel engines without any engine modification, using a blend of 25% Jatropha bio-oil and 75% diesel.



January 13/2017

India does not give up on Jatropha.

Indian company to produce aviation fuel (Jet A-1)

from Jatropha & other tree born oilseed crops.

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June 13/2015

Ethiopia is an unlikely setting for a revived “food versus fuel” debate. As a country once overwhelmed by famine, it may seem odd that the Ethiopian government would be in favour of anything associated with food security risk. But the case for biofuels in Ethiopia is strong and it’s growing stronger.

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January 21/2015

 Finally. As already many times proclaimed on this site , now the FAO admits that he Food versus Fuel discussion is a waste of energy (sic!)

The FAO head argued for a more pragmatic approach to the issue.

"We need to move from the food versus fuel debate to a food and fuel debate. There is no question: food comes first," he said, adding: "But biofuels should not be simply seen as a threat or as a magical solution. Like anything else, they can do good or bad."

Evidence shows that when developed responsibly, sustainable biofuel production systems can offer an additional source of income for poor farmers.

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Find a proven combination of Food and Fuel here

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September 19/2014

Jatropower AG Takes over Assets of Quinvita BV


September 17/2014

AFAI signs joint venture agreement with Jatro Greentech

September 15/2014

Lufthansa conducts first European scheduled flight using sugar-based biofuel and signs MOU with JatroSolutions in the cultivation of Jatropha


July 31/2014


March 27/ 2014

                 AGROILS NEWSLETTER – MARCH 2014

 Agroils' revolutionary technology allows the contemporary production of high quality biobased oil (DIN EN V51605 ready) and protein-rich and sustainable feed ingredients, following a Food AND Fuel approach.

March 15/ 2014

 Volume Jatropha grains asked for in Burkino Faso

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March 03/ 2014

Jatropha grains for sale in Tanzania at cost price

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