QUINVITA launches two new cultivars in its QUINVITA PRO (QVP) seed product portfolio

The Industrial Crops Technology Company, QUINVITA announces today the selection of two new cultivars in the QUINVITA PRO (QVP) seeds product portfolio: QVP 1003 and QVP 1064. Both these cultivars have been selected in the global breeding program of QUINVITA on the basis of high performance for several yield components of Jatropha curcas (oil content, fruits per bunch, bunches per season). QVP 1003 and QVP 1064 have entered the QUINVITA product placement trial network and the QVP seed production program. Seed of these cultivars will be available for preferred customers of QUINVITA for the 2011-2012 planting seasons.

Lately all planting material went to Jatropower. Link