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 Title Author or Publisher Year Comments/additional information On this site Key country
Jatropha-based alley cropping system's contribution to carbon sequestration Rico A. Marin 2016 International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural research 17-Feb-17 Philippines
Croton nuts-Africa,s new biofuel that literally grows on trees Kieron Monks, CNN 2016   17-Feb-17 Kenya
Investment incentives for Renewable Energy in Southern Africa: The case of Mozambique Boaventura Chongo Cuamba and others 2013 Published by tkn and iisd 1-Feb-17 Mozambique
Land grabbing and human rights: The involvement of European corporate and financial entities in land grabbing outside the European union. European parliament 2016 Excellent and up to date data regarding land deals 1-Feb-17 International
Chhattisgarth to use bio-fuel in aviation CityLine newspaper 2017   24-Jan-17 India
Squeezing new life out of a wondercrop that wasn't Advertorial 2016 The Straits Times 24-Jan-17 Singapore
Chuta (edible Jatropha curcas L.), the newcomer among underutilized crops Elisa Senger, Brigitte Bohlinger and others 2016   18-Jan-17 Germany
All about Chuta and the Totonaca secret JatroSolutions 2016   18-Jan-17 Germany
International review of Jatropha for biodiesel Nirza Fabiola Castro Gonzales/Published in Elsevier 2016   13-Oct-16 International
Medicinal and cosmetic soap production from Jatropha oil Zahira Yaakob and others 2016 Published in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology 13-Oct-16 Malaysia
Insecticidel activity of Jatropha curcas extracts against housefly Nitin Chauhan and others 2015   18-Jan-17 India
Antinemic properties of the botanicals P.Manju & K Sankari Meena 2015 International Journal of Science and nature 24-Jan-17 India
Transformation of toxic potential of Jatropha curcvas into protein siurce: A mini-review Amit Shukla and others 2015 Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal research 24-Jan-17 India
Risk for human health and animal health related to the presence of phorbolesters in jatropha kernel meal European Food Safety Authority 2015   18-Jan-17 Italy
Chemical properties of Jatropha soap and its effects on reactive dyed cotton fabrics as compared to commercial soaps Nqobizitha R.Sibanda and others 2015   13-Oct-16 Zimbabwe
Future harvest, 21st century Jatropha Hardman report based on green Power conference in Amsterdam regarding Jatropha and jatropha breeders 2015 Excellent report  1-Mar-15 International
The policy and practice of sustainable biofuels: Between global frameworkd and local heterogeneity. The case of food secourity in Mozambique Marc Schut and others 2015   1-Mar-15  
Removal of Phorbolester from Jatropha seedcake using ozonation and solar irradiation Susan Masten, Brent Simpson and others 2015   1-Mar-15 Mali
First report of Collectotrichum truncatum causing stem cankers on Jatropha curcas in Burkina Faso C.A.Elison and others 2015 Published in Plant disease 5-Jan-15 Burkina Faso
Growin Tomato in nematode infested soil and Pest implications in poorly managed Post-Harvested fields during the dry season in Tanzania F.M.Bagarama and others 2014   24-Jan-17 Tanzania
Growing jatropha curcas and Jatropha gossypiifolia as a interculture with sunflower for controla of Meloidogyne javanica in Egypt A.E.Ismail 2014 International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Research 24-Jan-17 Egypt
Synthesis of medicinal Sopa from Non Edible Jatropha oil and Study of its Quality parameters including Antimicrobiakl Activity Rangwala Juzer Ali and Sarasan Geetha 2014   24-Jan-17 India
Efficay of Plant Derived Insecticides For Control Of Insect Pests of Garden Egg (Solanum ssp)in Southeastern Nigeria Ibekwe H.N and others 2014   20-Jan-17 Nigeria
Comparative Larvicidal Efficacy of Leaf and Stem Extract of Jatropha curcas against Culex Pipiens Pipiens mosquito Olayemi K and others 2014   20-Jan-17 Nigeria
Comparative yield and oil quality of toxic and non toxic mexican jatropha. Khandual Sanghamitra and others 2014   18-Jan-17 Mexico
Biodiesel, a global scenario A.Avinash and others/published in Elsevier 2014   13-Oct-16 International
Uncertainty of food security in Ghana by biofuel jatropha curcas) produvtion and adaptation and mitigation capacity to climate change A.Addo and others 2014   1-Mar-15 Ghana
Producing Jatropha fair. By Fenny Eshuis and Mark van Dorp Fenny Eshuis/Mark van Dorp 2014 Final report of the feasibility study on Fairtrade certification of Jatropha. 4-Mar-14 Tanzania
A new Jatropha curcas variety (JO S2) with improved Seed productivity Yan Hong and others 2014 Sustainability 2014, about a JOIL Jatropha selection 27-Jul-14 Singapore, India
Drivers and consequences of the first Jatropha curcas plantations in Mexico Ofelia Andrea valdes Rodriguez et all 2014 Sustainability 2014 27-Jul-14 mexico
Economic and Social Sustainability Performance of Jatropha projects in Mozambiqe, Tanzania and Mali Janske van Eijck et all 2014   9-Dec-14 Mozambique, Mali, Tanzania
Energy crops on surplus land Md.Mizanur Rahman et all/Elsevier 2014   3-Jan-14  
Engineering the Jatropha hype in Indonesia Suraya A.Afiff 2014 Sustainability 2014 27-Jul-14 Indonesia
Estimating carbon emissions for REDD+ Cirad, Bossière 2014   5-Dec-14  
Genetic Diversity in Jatropha curcas L assessed with  SSR and SNP markers Juan M. Montes  and others 2014   29-Sep-14 Germany
Global sustainable biomass fund of NL Agency Annex 1.Pilot planting testscheme Jatropha.  2014 By Ab van Peer and Fenny Eshuis. 4-Mar-14  
Global sustainable biomass fund of NL Agency Annex 2. Growing jatropha.  2014 By Ab van Peer 4-Mar-14  
Global sustainable biomass fund of NL Agency Annex 3. Jatropha guide for farmers.  2014 By Ab van Peer 4-Mar-14  
Global sustainable biomass fund of NL Agency Annex 4. Local energy utilization from Jatropha curcas.  2014 By Mark van Dorp 4-Mar-14  
Global sustainable biomass fund of NL Agency Annex 5. Economic feasibility of Jatropha production and processing.  2014 By Mark van Dorp 4-Mar-14  
Global sustainable biomass fund of NL Agency Annex 6.Carbon credits from Planting and Utilizing Jatropha.  2014 By Martha Djourdjin 4-Mar-14  
Influence de l'environnement et des pratiques culturales sur la productivité de Jatropha curcas L. en Afrique subsaharienne (synthèse bibliographique) Jean de Dieu Minengu and others 2014   5-Sep-14 Africa
Land and farm production: Availability, use, and productivity of agricultural land in the world Hector Maletta 2014   29-Sep-14 Spain
Life cycle assessment of Jatropha as feedstock for biodiesel production: The case of Morocco Elena Koukouna 2014 MSc Industrial Ecology T.U Delft/U.Leiden 5-Nov-14 Morocco
Multi-actor governance of sustainable biofuels in developing countrues:The case of Mozambique Marc Schut et all/Elsevier 2014 Mozambique is the first country that developed a national governance framework for sustainable biofuels 4-Mar-14 Mozambique
Operationalizing Redd+ safeguards Cifor/Cgiar 2014   5-Dec-14  
Opportunities and constraints of promoting new tree crops- Lessons learned from Jatropha Achten et all 2014 Sustainability 2014, About Jatropha, Moringa, Argania and Allenblackia 27-Jul-14 International
Pioneering in marginal fields: Jatropha for carbon Credits and restoring degrade land in eastern Indonesia. Loes Willemijn van Rooijen 2014   5-May-14 Indonesia
Preparation and properties of binderless boards from Jatropha curcas seedcake H.Hidyat et all 2014   4-Mar-14 Netherlands, Indonesia
Putting a spin on Jatropha: How Conservationist Rhetoric Drove Bedford Biofuel out of Tana Delta - Kenya Froukje Krijtenburg and Sandra Evers 2014 Sustainability 2014, a lesson 27-Jul-14 Kenya
Rational use of Jatropha Muhamad Insanu 2014 Thesis University of Groningen, Netherlands 5-Dec-14 Netherlands, Indonesia
Riding the hype: The role of State-owned Enterprise elite actors in the promotion of Jatropha in  Indonesia Deasy Simandjuntak 2014 Sustainability 2014 27-Jul-14 Indonesia
Scaling up Peoples biodiversity Management for food security Aide memoire Oxfam Novib 2014   23-Apr-14 Zimbabwe
Stagnating Jatropha Biofuel development in Southwest China Jia Li and others 2014 Sustainability 2014 27-Jul-14 China
Sustainable Biomass Mozambique. Lessons Learned Solidaridad 2014   4-Mar-14 Mozambique
The Castor, Jatropha, Pongamia strategy Jim Lane 2014 Article in Biofueldigest, also see Feasibility of growing JC in Algeria 5-Jan-15 Mexico
The effects of Biofuel Feedstock Production on farmers 'Livelihoods in Ghana: The case of Jatropha curcas Emmanuel Acheampong et all 2014 Sustainability 2014 27-Jul-14 Ghana
The Rise, fall and potential resilience benefits of Jatropha in Southern Africa Graham von Maltiz and others 2014 Sustainability 2014 27-Jul-14 Malawi, Mozambique
Tools for Sustainable Biobased projects NL Agency 2014   5-Dec-14 Africa
Trading in Discursive Commodities Jaqueline Vel  2014 Sustainability 2014 27-Jul-14 Indonesia
Unlocking the hidden value of carbon offsetting ICROA 2014   29-Sep-14  
World Bioenergy Association Members letter 2014 WBA announces start of global bioenergy statistics project 4-Mar-14  
Macha Works- 10 years of investing in people-the role and resuilts of the jatropha project Macha works-Partners for innovation 2013 Workshop on sustainable biomass production in southeastv Africa 18-Jan-17 Mozambique
Effect of organic cakes against infestaqtion of Meloidogyne incognita in Cucumber J.Konsam and others 2013   24-Jan-17 India
Efficacy of certain botanical extracts in the management of Meloidogyne graminicola in Rice Mukesh Dongre & Sobita Simon 2013   24-Jan-17 India
The Mexican Non-toxic Jatropha curcas L.,Food resource or Biofuel? Ofelia Andrea Valdez-Rodriguez and others 2013   18-Jan-17 Mexico
Physiological and morphological responses of the biodiesel plant Jatropha curcas to water stress conditions Alireza Hedayati and others 2013   13-Oct-16 Iran
Agricultural Development in the Northern Savannah of Ghana Tara N.Wood 2013 Doctoral Documents from Doctor of Plant Health Program 21-Jul-13 Ghana
Analysing the effect of biofuel expansion on land use in major producing countries Biomass research report 1301 2013 Evidence of increased multiple cropping 28-Sep-13  
Assessing the impact of biofuels production on developing countries EU, Aets 2013   21-Jul-13 EU
Atlas de la production d'huile de Jatropha JatroRef 2013   23-Apr-14 Benin, Burkina, Mali, Senegal
Bio-activity guided studies of Biocides and Biodyes from Jatropha seed oil Abebe G. Demissie 2013   23-Apr-14 Ethiopia
Certified sustainable Jatropha oil for outgrowers Final report, Diligent 2013 Certification has not been taken place due to the discontinuation of the company. See http://www.Jatropha.pro/projectslink.htm 4-Mar-14 Tanzania
Charcoal production from alternative feedstocks NL Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs 2013   28-Sep-13 Africa
Combining bioenergy production and food security NL Agency 2013   27-Jul-14 Africa
Combining Biomass production and Food security NL Agency, Ministry of Foreign affairs, NL 2013 Lei Wageniongen 9-Dec-14 NL
Comparative analysis of biofuels policy in Sub-Saharan Africa: The place of private and public sectors Jumbe and others 2013   15-May-13 Malawi
Evaluation of selected pesticidal plant extracts against major cabbage insect pests in the field J.Mwine et all/ Journal of Medicinal Plants research 2013   23-Apr-14 Uganda
FSC Forests recognized by the roundtable for sustainable biofuels RSB 2013 Press release 15-May-13  
Global biofuel exports to the European Union Pangea 2013   2-Nov-14 Europe
Handbooh certification Solid Biomass NL Agency, Ministry of Foreign affairs, NL 2013   9-Dec-14 NL
Identifying responsible cultivation area's in Mozambique WWF Mozambique 2013   3-Jan-14 Mozambique
In vitro propagation from Shoot tip Explants of Jatropha curcas Kamrun Nahar, Rita Sarah Borna 2013 ARPN Journal of Science and Technology, 2013 21-Jul-13 Bangl
INSIGHTS INTO Jatropha PROJECTS WORLDWIDE Leuphana University of Lunenburg 2013   14-Apr-13 Germany
Integrating mitigation and adaption into development: the case of Jatropha curcas in sub-Saharan Africa Bioenergy editorial 2013   28-Sep-13 Africa
Jatropha for Local development HIVOS, Flemming Nielssen et all 2013 review by Ab van Peer 3-Jan-14  
Jatropha oil production for biodiesel and other pr Andrew Lang/Hazir Farouk Abdelraheem Elhaj 2013 World Bioenergy Association 5-Nov-14  
Jatropha pests and diseases Fact 2013   21-Jul-13 NL
Jatropha sustainability assessment in three countries. NL Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs 2013   28-Sep-13 Tanzania, Mali, Mozambique
Jatropt.Towards sustainable biofuel R.van Loo and R.Jongschaap 2013 Describing a project exploring many aspects of growing Jatropha as an oilseed crop to determine whether it is capable of meeting the demand for affordable alternatives to fossil fuels 28-Sep-13 NL
Land grabbing for biofuels must stop Grain 2013   3-Jan-14  
Linkage mapping in the oilseed crop Jatropha curcas L. reveals a locus controlling the biosynthesis of phorbol esters which cause seed toxicity Andrew J.King et all 2013   29-Sep-14  
Long term drivers of Food prices Worldbank 2013   21-Jul-13 USA
Major diseases of the biofuel plant, Physic nut, Jatropha curcas Alexandre reis Machado, Olinto Liparini Pereira 2013   21-Jul-13  
Manual for the construction and operation of small and medium size biogas systems Fact, ADDP 2013   21-Jul-13 Mozambique
Myths and Facts about Bioenergy in Africa Pangea 2013   14-Apr-13 Africa
Nandan cleantec annual report 2012-2013 Nandan 2013   4-Mar-14  
Performance of Jatropha curcas L. in Semi-arid Zone:Seed germination, seedling growth and Early field Growth Sharif Ahamad et all 2013   5-Sep-14 India
Pests of Jatropha curcas in biodiesel plantations M.Biondi et all 2013   3-Jan-14 Africa
Physical and mechanical properties of Jatropha curcas L. fruits from different planting densities Azmi Yahya and others 2013   13-Sep-14 Malaysia
Production and characterization of Jatropha oil methyl ester P.Venkateswara Rao and others 2013   5-Sep-14 India
Promises, Power and Poverty. Corporate land deals and rural women in Africa 170 Oxfam briefing paper 2013   15-May-13 Africa
Renewable Energy: Access and  Impact IOB no.376 / Ministry of foreign affairs of the Netherlands 2013 a literature review 2-Nov-14  
Scoping report on biofuels projects in five developing countries Anna Locke/Giles Henley 2013   2-Nov-14 Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia, Mozambique, Indonesia
Social impacts and stakeholder dynamics in India and Uganda Jennifer Ann Harrison 2013   21-Jul-13 Uganda, India
Stages of maturation of the fruit on germination and oil content in seeds of Jatropha curcas L. Fernando Rubio and others 2013   5-Sep-14 Brazil
Sustainable Biomass Briquette Pilot Boris Atannasov/Solidaridad 2013   4-Mar-14 Mozambique
System of Rice Intensification Farming matter 2013 Achieving more with less, not only in Rice 15-May-13 Madagascar, Africa, Asia
Tephrosia review Saad Touqeer et all 2013   3-Jan-14  
The context of REDD+ in Nepal Naya S. Paudel and others 2013 Cifor 14-Apr-13 Nepal, Indonesia
The Mexican non toxic Jatropha Ofelia Andrea valdes Rodriguez et all 2013 Ethnobotany Research & Applications 9-Dec-14 Mexico
The Netherlands and the Global Land and Water Grab TNI, FIAN, IGO, FDCL 2013 Evil Dutch depriving the poor their right of food ?? 4-Mar-14 Netherlands
Soap from jatropha-home made but top grade Village workshop Zambia 2012 BKS Bridging knowledge systems for pro-poor management of ecosystem services  Link 24-Jan-17 Zambia
Biofuel Co-products as Livestock Feed FAO/Harinder P.S.Makar 2012   18-Jan-17 International
Liquid biofuels potential and outlook in Iran Barat Ghobadian 2012   13-Oct-16 Iran
 Mozambique-market opportunities for bioenergy NL Agency, Ministry of Foreign affairs, NL 2012   9-Dec-14 Mozambique
Africa can help feed Africa World bank 2012 Removing barriers to regional trade in food staples 16-Nov-12  
Agrofuels in planes Milieu defensie 2012   16-Mar-12 Netherlands
Assessment of carbon sequestration of Jatropha curcas by small scale farmers in Burkina Faso Flemming Nielsen 2012   27-Jul-14 Burkina Faso
Attempted Cultivation of Jatropha Curcas L. in Lower Senegal River Valley: Story of a Failure Marieke Terren and others In Tropicultura 2012 2012 Main reason was destruction of 60% of plants by soil born disease caused by over irrigation. 9-Jun-13 Senegal
Beneficial insects on Jatropha DEG, Pipal limited 2012 Jatropha support programme 4-Oct-12 Kenya
???? 2012 Indian railway Organization for Alternate fuels 14-Apr-13 India
Biofuel scenarios in a water perspective Gerben-Leenes and others 2012   21-Jul-13 NL
Biofuels in Africa,Impacts on Ecosystem Services,
Biodiversity and Human Well-being
UNU-IAS Policy Report 2012   16-Nov-12 Africa
Biogas tests with various substrates Fact 2012   21-Jul-13 NL
Bio-Kerosene GHG Emission cocktail: Fast forward into clean air-Against all Odds Jatro/ Biojet 2012   2-Dec-12  
Biokerosene: Take-off in the wrong direction Milieu defensie 2012   16-Mar-12 Netherlands
Carbon sequestration potential of parkland agroforestry
in the Sahel
Eike Luedeling & Henry Neufeldt 2012 Climatic Change (2012) 115:443–461 14-Apr-13 Africa
Carbon storage in Jatropha curcas trees in Northern Tanzania Fact- Hellings, Romijn, Franken 2012   9-Apr-12 Tanzania
Certifiably Sustainable Aviation Fuels? Christine Moser, Leuphana University 2012 Presentation on World Biofuel Markets Rotterdam 2012 9-Apr-12 Netherlands
Characterization of Physic nut (Jatropha curcas) shells Diego-Armando Z.Wever et all 2012   4-Mar-14 Nethertlands
Climate change impacts on crop productivity in Africa and South Asia Jerry Knox and others 2012   2-Dec-12 UK
Composition of Azadirachta indica and Carapa procera (Meliaceae) seed oils and cakes obtained after oil extraction Tindo Sebastien Djenontin 2012   23-Apr-14 Benin, 
Consolidating land, consolidating control: What future for smallholder farming in Rwanda,s Green Revolution Chris Huggins 2012 Paper presented at the International Conference on Global landgrabbing II 9-Jun-13 Rwanda
Developing Jatropha projects with smallholder farms. Field Actions Science Reports 2012 by Anne-Claire Degail and Julien Chantry (Eco-Carbone) 2-Dec-12 France
Ecofys, Biofuels policy and 20 20 20 targets Carlo Hamelinck 2012 Presentation on World Biofuel Markets Rotterdam 2012 9-Apr-12 Netherlands
Effect of Jatropha seed oil meal and rubber seed oil meal as Melamine urea formaldehyde adhesive extender on the bonding strength of plywood Huei Ruey Ong and others 2012   5-Sep-14 Malaysia
Effects of aluminium on plant growth and nutrient uptake in young physic nut plants Fabio  Steiner and others 2012   13-Sep-14 Brazil
Encouraging sustainable bioenergy to ensure energy access in developing countries Pangea 2012 Position paper for Rio+20 26-Jun-12  
Energy, greenhouse gas and economic assessment of biodiesel production from Jatropha Adam Feto  2012 M.Sc.Thesis 4-Oct-12 Ethiopia
EU criteria for sustainable biofuels: Accounting for carbon, depoliticising plunder Les Leviodov 2012   28-May-13 EU
EU recognised certification schemes EU 2012   2-Dec-12 EU
Facts and figures for PPO. Rapeseed Solar Oil systems 2012   28-Sep-13  
Fairtrade Jatropha
Analysis of Low Indirect Impact
Biofuels from Jatropha in Tanzania
Jasper van de Staaij, Ulf Weddige, Matthias Spoettle and Gemma Toop 2012 Ecofys report, ordered by NL Agency 14-Apr-13 Tanzania
Farmers Handbook DEG, Pipal limited 2012 Jatropha support programme 4-Oct-12 Tanzania, Kenya
Feasibility of seed production and commercialization by smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe Ab van Peer/PUM 2012 Study on behalf of Oxfam International 23-Apr-14 Zimbabwe
Financing communal bioenergy production and use in poor rural area's Fact feasability study by Darrell Huffman 2012   15-May-13 Netherlands, Mozambique
Greenpeace Kees Kodde 2012 Presentation on World Biofuel Markets Rotterdam 2012 9-Apr-12 Netherlands
Impact of Jatropha curcas on local food security in Kenya Ehrensperger and others, IFSA 2012   15-May-13 Kenya
Impacts of near-future cultivation of biofuel feedstocks on
atmospheric composition and local air quality
K. Ashworth1, G. Folberth2, C. N. Hewitt1, and O. Wild1 2012 Atmos. Chem. Phys., 12, 919–939, 2012 14-Apr-13 UK
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Jatropha curcas, a potential biofuel plant for sustainable environmental development Vimal Chandra pandey et all 2012 published in renewable and sustainable energy reviews 4-Mar-14 India
Jatropha D1 oils Zambia FAO  2012 BEFSCI, Bioenergy and Food security criteria and indicators 27-Jul-14 Zambia
Jatropha evaluation Harrie Oppenoorth 2012 Presentation during HIVOS Jatropha evaluation day 2-Dec-12 Netherlands
Jatropha guide in Kiswahili Max Havelaar/ Ab van Peer 2012 technical manual 16-Mar-12 Tanzania
Jatropha Pepinye FAO  2012 BEFSCI, Bioenergy and Food security criteria and indicators 27-Jul-14 Haiti
Jatropha, an update Zoheir Ebrahim& Peter Baker 2012 Part 2, Jatropha in India 16-Nov-12 India
Jatropha, an update Zoheir Ebrahim& Peter Baker 2012 Part 3, Jatropha in China 16-Nov-12 China
Jatropha, an update Zoheir Ebrahim& Peter Baker 2012 Part 5, a systemic knowledge failure 16-Nov-12  
Jatropha, an update Zoheir Ebrahim& Peter Baker 2012 Part 1, the business 16-Nov-12  
Jatropha, an update Zoheir Ebrahim& Peter Baker, Cabi UK 2012 Part 4, Jatropha in East Africa 4-Oct-12 Africa
Jatropha, it's quite an experience Ab van Peer 2012 Presentation at Global knowledge Platform for sustainable solutions for Jatropha based Bio-Fuels in New Delhi 14-Apr-13 India
Jatropha: the broom of poverty;
myth or reality?
James Mubonderi for Pisces 2012 A critical analysis of the Zimbabwean
Jatropha programme in Mutoko district
Jatropha-Current Market developments Thilo Zelt 2012 Presentation on World Biofuel Markets Rotterdam 2012 9-Apr-12 Netherlands
La Toxicité du Jatropha curcas Marion Treboux 2012 JatroREF 28-Sep-13 Mali
Le tourteau de Jatropha, quelles pistes pour sa valorisation Marion Treboux 2012 JatroREF 28-Sep-13 Mali
Low Indirect Impact Biofuel (LIIB) methodology Ecofys | EPFL | WWF International 2012   14-Apr-13 NL
Meta evaluation of 6 Hivos Biofuels projects HIVOS, Flemming Nielssen et all 2012 The BiOEx project in Zambia 3-Jan-14 Zambia
Milieudoel treft lokale bevolking Jonathan Witteman 2012 Dutch article in Volkskrant 26-Jun-12 Netherlands
Nutrient flows in small-scale bio-energy use in developing countries Alterra 2012   4-Oct-12 Netherlands
Our land, Our lives Oxfam briefing note 2012   13-Oct-13  
Pangea position paper on EC's ILUC proposals Pangea 2012   2-Nov-14 Europe
Pest and disease cards for Jatropha DEG, Pipal limited 2012 Jatropha support programme 4-Oct-12 Kenya
Physical properties of Jatropha seeds during drying in different temperatures Valdiney Cambuy Siqueira and others 2012   5-Sep-14 Brazil
Plant with a future Hardman&Co 2012 2012   16-Nov-12 UK
Planting Jatropha seeds DEG, Pipal limited 2012 Jatropha support programme 4-Oct-12 Kenya
Plants for Power, The potential for cultivating feedstock for energy production in Sumba Jaqueline Vel and others 2012   4-Oct-12 Indonesia
Potential and limitations of Jatropha curcas for rural energy supply in East Africa Brigitte Portner and others 2012   15-May-13 Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya
Potential of biofuels for shipping Ecofys, 2012   6-May-12 Netherlands
Potential of New Jatropha Varieties S.Sriram 2012 Presentation on World Biofuel Markets Rotterdam 2012 9-Apr-12 Netherlands
Principal disease and insect pests of Jatropha curcas L. in the Lower valley of the Senegal River Marieke Terren et all 2012 Root rot provoked by irrigation 23-Apr-14 Senegal
Prospect of deoiled Jatropha curcas seedcake as fertilizer for vegetable crops Penjit Shrinophakun, Isara Sooksathan  2012   9-Jan-12 Thailand
Quantitive maps of groundwater resources in Africa A.M.MacDonald and others 2012   26-Apr-12 Africa
Selecting a biomass certification system NL Agency 2012   26-Apr-12 Netherlands
Smallholders as shareholders Hugo Verkuijl 2012 Presentation during HOVOS Jatropha evaluation day 2-Dec-12 Netherlands
Spatial Analysis of Food security drivers and potential impacts of Biofuels cultivation Olivia Gromm and others, IFSA 2012   15-May-13 Kenya
Sustainably Developed Biofuel from Jatropha Production
in Cameroon
University of Twente/ Jeroen van Alphen 2012   16-Nov-12 Cameroon
The 7 paths of the new agriculture Biofuels Digest 2012 Article 9-Jan-12 USA
The Economic Viability of Growing Jatropha curcas as a sustainable feedstock in East Africa DEG, Pipal limited 2012 Annexes of Jatropha support programme 4-Oct-12 Tanzania, Kenya
The Economic Viability of Growing Jatropha curcas as a sustainable feedstock in East Africa DEG, Pipal limited 2012 Final report of Jatropha support programme 4-Oct-12 Tanzania, Kenya
The energy dilemma and lessons from Nhambita Flemming Nielsen and others 2012 Farming matters 26-Jun-12 India, Mozambique
The EU's bioenergy economy Ewout Deurwaarder 2012 Presentation on World Biofuel Markets Rotterdam 2012 9-Apr-12 Netherlands
The Hunger grains Oxfam briefing note 2012   13-Oct-13 EU
The Multi Functional Rural Fuel Platform Peter Bell 2012   14-Apr-13 Africa
Tool for comparative oil crop analysis Fact 2012   21-Jul-13  
Toxicity rest of Physic nut "Wang" variety on white rat Eko Widaryanto 2012   23-Apr-14 Indonesia
Upscaling smallholder based sustainable biofuel development in West Africa Hugo Verkuijl 2012 good presentation for NL Agency 4-Oct-12 Mali
Volvo, sustainability and Efficiency Anders Roj 2012 Presentation on World Biofuel Markets Rotterdam 2012 9-Apr-12 Netherlands
Waste to Biofuels Market Analysis 2013 Renewable waste intelligence 2012   14-Apr-13 USA
Water Future systems, subsoil irrigation HD Enterprise 2012 commercial 16-Mar-12 South Africa
Who is fooling whom? The real drivers behind the 2010/2011 food crises in sub-Saharan Africa Pangea 2012   14-Apr-13 Africa
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World biofuels markets Matthew Stone 2012 Presentation on World Biofuel Markets Rotterdam 2012 9-Apr-12 Netherlands
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Analyse des impacts environnementaux ….. De l'huile du Jatropha curcas au Mali Meneghel fonseca Leticia 2011 Published by Cirad, French 4-Oct-12 Mali
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Assessing opportunities and constraints for biofuel development in sub-Saharan Africa Graham von Maltiz , William StyatfordCifor 2011   21-Jul-13 Africa
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Biofuels in Tanzania: status, opportunities and challenges Anthony M.Mshandate 2011 Review paper 9-Apr-12 Tanzania
Biofuels: Ethical issues Nuffield Council on Bioethica 2011   4-Dec-11 UK
Biogas Bag Installation Manual Fact 2011 For small bag‐type plug flow digesters 21-Jul-13  
Biogreen oil  Adolfo Larran & Diego Wassner 2011   10-Aug-11 Brazil
BP 2030_energy_outlook_booklet BP 60 year energy overview 2011 BP 60 year energy overview 25-Jan-11 UK
Butanol scoping study: opportunities and threats for developing countries R. Janssens 2011   21-Jul-13  
Caloric value of Jatropha seedcake Kevin Parker 2011   26-Apr-12 Indonesia
Certification module for Low Indirect Impact Biofuels Ecofys, Draft 2011 Field testing version 6-May-12 Netherlands
Certification module for Low Indirect Impact Biofuels RSB Indirect Impact Expert Group 2011   6-May-12 RSB
Certified sustainable Jatropha oil for outgrowers Diligent and others 2011 Feasibility study 26-Jun-12 Tanzania
Climate variability and crop production in Tanzania Pedram Rowhani and others 2011 Published in Elsevier 4-Oct-12 Tanzania
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and Applications (IJERA)
14-Apr-13 Nigeria
Comprehensive Jatropha Digest Report Preview Bio Zio 2011 This is your chance to buy an outdated report for $ 150. Some figures are even from Gexsi 2008 8-Aug-11 India
Corporate Biofuels training SNV, Fred Marree 2011   2-Nov-14 Honduras
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