Slugs and Snails



The giant land snails in Africa are a real pest in the Jatropha seedling nursery. In stead of fighting them with pesticides there is a much easier way to keep them out of the nursery. They do not like coarse sand around your seedling beds.

The smaller slugs however go for the adult plants. You can keep them away from the plants using the same way as recommended for the Giant land snail, but it is not very practical on a 100 ha + plantation.

Carbamates will usually do the job.

NOTE: THE USE OF ANY RECOMMENDED TREATMENT ON THIS PAGE IS ON USERS OWN RISK AND SHOULD BE ALLOWED FOLLOWING LOCAL LAW AND REGISTRATION. (Actually this is a big problem, since no pest- or fungicides are being specifically registered  for Jatropha. Jatropha as a crop is simply too new and only recently got the interest from pesticide manufacturers)