Documents and reports

 Title writer/publisher year comments
Chhattisgarth to use bio-fuel in aviation CityLine newspaper 2017
Jatropha-based alley cropping system’s contribution to carbon sequestration Rico A. Marin 2016 International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural research
Croton nuts-Africa,s new biofuel that literally grows on trees Kieron Monks, CNN 2016
Land grabbing and human rights: The involvement of european corporate and financial entities in land grabbing outside the European union. European parliament 2016 Excellent and up to date data regarding land deals
Squeezing new life out of a wondercrop that wasn’t Advertorial 2016 The Straits Times
Chuta (edible Jatropha curcas L.), the newcomer among underutilized crops Elisa Senger, Brigitte Bohlinger and others 2016
All about Chuta and the Totonaca secret JatroSolutions 2016
International review of Jatropha for biodiesel Nirza Fabiola Castro Gonzales/Published in Elsevier 2016
Medicinal and cosmetic soap production from Jatropha oil Zahira Yaakob and others 2016 Published in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
Valorization of Jatropha fruit biomass for energy applications Ahmad Marasabessy 2015
Insecticidel activity of Jatropha curcas extracts against housefly Nitin Chauhan and others 2015
Antinemic properties of the botanicals P.Manju & K Sankari Meena 2015 International Journal of Science and nature
Transformation of toxic potential of Jatropha curcvas into protein siurce: A mini-review Amit Shukla and others 2015 Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal research
Risk for human health and animal health related to the presence of phorbolesters in jatropha kernel meal European Food Safety Authority 2015
Chemical properties of Jatropha soap and its effects on reactive dyed cotton fabrics as compared to commercial soaps Nqobizitha R.Sibanda and others 2015
Future harvest, 21st century Jatropha Hardman report based on green Power conference in Amsterdam regarding Jatropha and jatropha breeders 2015 Excellent report
The policy and practice of sustainable biofuels: Between global frameworkd and local heterogeneity. The case of food security in Mozambique Marc Schut and others 2015
Removal of Phorbolester from Jatropha seedcake using ozonation and solar irradiation Susan Masten, Brent Simpson and others 2015
First report of Collectotrichum truncatum causing stem cankers on Jatropha curcas in Burkina Faso C.A.Elison and others 2015 Published in Plant disease
Growin Tomato in nematode infested soil and Pest implications in poorly managed Post-Harvested fields during the dry season in Tanzania F.M.Bagarama and others 2014
Growing jatropha curcas and Jatropha gossypiifolia as a interculture with sunflower for controla of Meloidogyne javanica in Egypt A.E.Ismail 2014 International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Research
Synthesis of medicinal Sopa from Non Edible Jatropha oil and Study of its Quality parameters including Antimicrobial Activity Rangwala Juzer Ali and Sarasan Geetha 2014
Efficay of Plant Derived Insecticides For Control Of Insect Pests of Garden Egg (Solanum ssp)in Southeastern Nigeria Ibekwe H.N and others 2014
Comparative Larvicidal Efficacy of Leaf and Stem Extract of Jatropha curcas against Culex Pipiens Pipiens mosquito Olayemi K and others 2014
Comparative yield and oil quality of toxic and non toxic mexican jatropha. Khandual Sanghamitra and others 2014
Biodiesel, a global scenario A.Avinash and others/published in Elsevier 2014
Uncertainty of food security in Ghana by biofuel jatropha curcas) produvtion and adaptation and mitigation capacity to climate change A.Addo and others 2014
Producing Jatropha fair. By Fenny Eshuis and Mark van Dorp Fenny Eshuis/Mark van Dorp 2014 Final report of the feasibility study on Fairtrade certification of Jatropha.
A new Jatropha curcas variety (JO S2) with improved Seed productivity Yan Hong and others 2014 Sustainability 2014, about a JOIL Jatropha selection
Drivers and consequences of the first Jatropha curcas plantations in Mexico Ofelia Andrea valdes Rodriguez et all 2014 Sustainability 2014
Economic and Social Sustainability Performance of Jatropha projects in Mozambiqe, Tanzania and Mali Janske van Eijck et all 2014
Energy crops on surplus land Md.Mizanur Rahman et all/Elsevier 2014
Engineering the Jatropha hype in Indonesia Suraya A.Afiff 2014 Sustainability 2014
Estimating carbon emissions for REDD+ Cirad, Bossière 2014
Genetic Diversity in Jatropha curcas L assessed with  SSR and SNP markers Juan M. Montes  and others 2014
Global sustainable biomass fund of NL Agency Annex 1.Pilot planting testscheme Jatropha.  2014 By Ab van Peer and Fenny Eshuis.
Global sustainable biomass fund of NL Agency Growing Jatropha. 2014 By Ab van Peer
Global sustainable biomass fund of NL Agency Annex 3. Jatropha guide for farmers.  2014 By Ab van Peer
Global sustainable biomass fund of NL Agency Annex 4. Local energy utilization from Jatropha curcas.  2014 By Mark van Dorp
Global sustainable biomass fund of NL Agency Annex 5. Economic feasibility of Jatropha production and processing.  2014 By Mark van Dorp
Global sustainable biomass fund of NL Agency Annex 6.Carbon credits from Planting and Utilizing Jatropha.  2014 By Martha Djourdjin
Influence de l’environnement et des pratiques culturales sur la productivité de Jatropha curcas L. en Afrique subsaharienne (synthèse bibliographique) Jean de Dieu Minengu and others 2014
Land and farm production: Availability, use, and productivity of agricultural land in the world Hector Maletta 2014
Life cycle assessment of Jatropha as feedstock for biodiesel production: The case of Morocco Elena Koukouna 2014 MSc Industrial Ecology T.U Delft/U.Leiden
Multi-actor governance of sustainable biofuels in developing countrues:The case of Mozambique Marc Schut et all/Elsevier 2014 Mozambique is the first country that developed a national governance framework for sustainable biofuels
Operationalizing Redd+ safeguards Cifor/Cgiar 2014
Opportunities and constraints of promoting new tree crops- Lessons learned from Jatropha Achten et all 2014 Sustainability 2014, About Jatropha, Moringa, Argania and Allenblackia
Pioneering in marginal fields: Jatropha for carbon Credits and restoring degrade land in eastern Indonesia. Loes Willemijn van Rooijen 2014
Preparation and properties of binderless boards from Jatropha curcas seedcake H.Hidyat et all 2014


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