Propagation methods

hard cuttings
Hard cuttings


Using hard cuttings in poly bags is a reliable way of setting up a Jatropha plantation. It offers flexibility at planting time and a very even stand of Jatropha because plants can be graded. It takes about 6 -10 weeks to grow a new plant from a hard cutting. Read more




Successful seeding starts with good seed quality. Read more



wedge graft



Plants may be grafted in a multitude of ways and for many different reasons. Read more



Pic 5
Soft cuttings


The soft cuttings procedure is based on techniques used in commercial ornamental horticulture (Carnations, chrysanthemums etc.) The method has been developed by the Dutch company Agriom for D1oils and more or less simultaneously by the agricultural faculty of the university of Bogor, IPB, Indonesia. Read more




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