Working experience and education
Januari 2018 Technical assistance regarding the production of EM and Mycorrhiza to improve growing conditions for plants and animals in Jakarta, Indonesia
Autumn 2016 Board member of RafikiTanzania. By offering and / or improvement of vocational training for disadvantaged individuals or groups RAFIKI contributes to their personal and professional development. As a role model they can in turn contribute to the further development of their immediate environment and thus of Tanzania.
October 2015 Technical assistance regarding the production of compost by using cattle manure and household disposals in Bamako (Mali) MALI  REPORT
 Summer 2014 Revival BFF Bioenergy Forum Fact BFF Link.
December 2013 Final report Max Havelaar fair trade Jatropha oil production in Tanzania Producing Jatropha fair
November 2013 Improving local mango production for the Kintampo Mango farmers Association in Ghana KINTAMPO GHANA
August 2013 Improving Argan oil production and profitability for the female cooperative Amanar in Morocco. Final Marocco
February 2013 Feasibility study regarding seed production and commercialization by small farmers in Zimbabwe Final Zimbabwe
December 2012 Guest speaker at the Global Knowledge Platform for Sustainable Solutions for Jatropha based Bio-Fuels in New Delhi. India Presentation Delhi
August-October 2012 2e round evaluation of Max Havelaar Fairtrade project in Tanzania
March 2012 WBC 2012 Rotterdam, JOIL fact finding mission in Tanzania
October 2011 Evaluation of Max Havelaar project in Moshi, Tanzania
March 2011 Key-note speaker at national Jatropha conference in Arusha, Tanzania Arusha presentation
March 2010-March 2012 Jatropha consultant for Sekisui Chemical Ltd. in Tanga, Tanzania
November  2010 Key note speaker at the international conference on Jatropha curcas  in Groningen (Netherlands) Groningen 01-11-2010
October 2010 Implementation of the 3rd Jatropha demonstration plot in Mbinga (Tanzania)
August 2010 Implementation of 2 experimental Jatropha plots in Bukoba and Moshi (Tanzania)
June 2010 Training of Co-operative agronomists in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
October 2009 2e Jatropha World Africa conference, Brussels
October 2009 Mission with Michigan State University to evaluate Jatropha potential in Senegal and Mali SENEGAL MISION REPORT
September 2009 In field training of  field managers for Berl/TNT Jatropha project in Malawi.
February 2009 Jatropha workshop and conference in Kuala Lumpur. Project evaluation with MARDI
July 2008 -2012 Various trips to Tanzania in view of future Jatropha activities of Eneco. Visit both commercial projects (Bioshape, Diligent) and NGO projects. (Yes Africa). Senior Jatropha adviser for Eneco. Ongoing feasibility study together with fair trade Max Havelaar regarding the production and export of Jatropha oil under fair trade label certification
May 2008 Jatropha workshop in Miami, USA. Evaluation of growing Jatropha in Florida
April 2008 Survey of potential sustainable Jatropha locations in Northern Tanzania for the Dutch company  Diligent
Dec.2007-April 2008 New projects manager D1Oils. Exploration of new area’s in Australia and Brazil. Case study  FEASABILITY OF GROWING JC IN ALGERIA
Apr. 2006- April 2008 Regional Agronomy Director for D1Oils (Quinvita) in South East Asia. Responsible for setting up or contracting Jatropha curcas test locations in Indonesia (Sumatra), Thailand (Nopkorn) , Malaysia (Mardi) and Philippines. Starting seed orchards, selection trials and multiplication. Fact finding missions to China, Laos and Cambodia.
Nov. 2003- Apr. 2006 Private horticulture consultant in France, providing expertise in the field of soil science, fertilization and ornamental annual and perennial plants to companies and local customers. Several projects in the Morvan.
Feb.1997 – Oct.2003 Private horticulture consultant, providing part time technical back up and training for the local sales people and customers of Scotts International Fertilizers in Asia. (Malaysia, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines.) Specific area’s were oil palm- and forestry trials in Malaysia, vegetable- and rice trials in the Philippines.(IRRI)
1987-1997 Head of the technical department of Scotts International (now ICL-SF), responsible for Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The company is world market leader in controlled release fertilizers. Strategic product development, soil science, product performance, customer care and complaint handling, staff training and the realization of a technical news letter.
1985-1987 Senior project leader for Arcadis Tree Service in the Netherlands and abroad. Survey and advice on growing conditions of urban trees with focus on root development. Special assignment to organize the landscaping part of a building project in Baghdad, Iraq
1982-1985 DIGS (Dutch Government) project Horti Tengeru in Tanzania.. Introduction of improved  tropical fruits and training of future extension officers.
1979-1982 Project leader of Heidemij (now Arcadis) Tree Service. (See 1985-1987). Setting up a landscaping company in Saudi Arabia. Development  of a tree injection system to control aphids in urban lime trees.
1975-1979 Assistant to the manager of the Botanical Garden of the University of Utrecht. Responsible for maintaining a living plant collection to be used for educational purposes and scientific experiments.
1972-1975 Leader of a group of physically and mentally disabled people working for “Presikhaaf”, a semi-private organization employing 1500 people in horticulture and small industries.
1969-1972 Volunteer (together with my wife who also had a contract) with Dutch Volunteer Service SNV in Ivory coast, Africa). Working with farmers in rice culture and erosion control.
1967-1969 Military service
1962-1967 Student at the university of applied sciences “Gerard Adriaan van Swieten Hogere Tuinbouwschool” at Frederiksoord. Key subjects are  taxonomy, soil science, plant fertilization and forestry.
1957-1962 Student at the Lyceum (college) at Emmen
Publications Growing Jatropha Manual Download here

The use of controlled release fertilizers on oil palm nursery production . Kuala Lumpur

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