Jatropha breeders

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  • Research & Development to  evolve improved Jatropha varieties and hybrids by breeding through conventional and genetic approaches
  • Development of Jatropha propagation technologies for mass multiplication of elite cultivars – Seed Propagation, Tissue Culture (TC) and Hybrid Seed Technology
  • Mass production of elite Jatropha planting materials and technical consultancy services for Jatropha plantations
  • Development of Jatropha plantations using its elite planting materials
  • Development of processing technologies to derive value added products from Jatropha
  • Development of bio products for various industrial applications

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Quinvita was an offspring of the breeding activities of UK based biofuel company  D1. They moved the original Indian breeding centre to Cape Verde and executed trials in many Asian countries .The company was liquidated in 2014 and most of the assets went to Jatropower, a Swiss based company.

JATROPOWER is a leading developer of Jatropha curcas, an oil seed plant allowing production of sustainable fuels on degraded soils in an economically viable way. JATROPOWER owns (including the elite genotypes taken over from Quinvita) a unique selection of proven elite accessions of Jatropha curcas, selected from a global germplasm collection of 650 provenances, representing all major global Jatropha hot-spots (Central America including Mexico, SE Asia and India, Africa and Madagascar). JATROPOWER’s toxic and non-toxic elite Jatropha plants have shown 3 times more dry seed yield than an average natural plant on degraded soils. JATROPOWER is presently the only Jatropha seed development company selling commercial quantities of improved cultivars in the market to commercial planters.

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JatroSolutions was founded in 2005 and was established at the Entrepreneurship Centre of the renowned Universität Hohenheim. Today, the third largest German energy company, Energie Baden-Württemberg AG (EnBW), is major shareholder of JatroSolutions.

The goal of the breeding programme is the development of cultivars with defined, economically valuable properties, and the multiplication of their seeds or seedlings. Renowned experts in the area of plant breeding collaborate in our worldwide breeding programme. Both the access to scientific knowledge in plant breeding and the independent scientific evaluation of our programme secure most efficient breeding strategy and highest breeding success.

Our unrivaled collection of diverse genotypes from different continents forms the starting point for the development of cultivars with superior performance. Through performance tests of plants of all origins in breeding stations in Asia (India), Africa (Madagascar and Cameroon) and Latin America (Argentina and Paraguay), it is possible to select cultivars for different environmental conditions and for specific purposes.


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